Google Earth

A few pictures that will hopefully inspire you to check out google earth. Its a completley free 10MB download that (providing you have broadband) allows you to roam around the entire earth looking at hi resolution satellite photography that's mapped onto a 3d terain model of the planet. On top of that you can add roads, 3d buildings, points of interest, and a plethora of other goodies. The interface is simple, and the program is really easy to use.

I've been playing with it for about a week now and it's truly amazing, a great one for kids as it's educational to boot!! so head on over to and give it a go, like I said above, it's completely free, no strings attached.

The pictures seen here are of the grand canyon, above, the sedan crater in the nevada test range, and the "boneyard" a usaf base used to scrap planes that are no longer in service.

Google Earth also has a BBS feature where people can share their favourite places, or post a request and let other people find it and direct you to it. Happy globetrotting folks!