I can't run, but I can fight

I've been ill for the past few weeks, and it has been a bizzare experience, I had my appendix out and so have been in quite a bit of discomfort from the operation and my uvulva swelled up, which apparently is not serious, but so I couldn't speak or move about much.

So I spent the time laying on my sofa with my monitor at the edge of the desk, playing everquest 2, which is one of these massivley multiplayer online fantasy world games.

The bizzare bit is that, in the real world I was an invalid, but on the PC I was jumping, running, fighting, talking to people and generally being very able bodied. It's interesting now that games are starting to get quite realistic, I havent had the impression that I've been stuck indoors because I've been running through green fields and big open spaces.

I'm sure it won't be long before this sort of experience is used in the medical world for therapy (probably already is in fact) and for treating things like agrophobia, hundreds of thousands of people play EQ2, their are Cities and Towns, but you can turn it off at the flick of a switch if you get overwhelmed...

Anyway... back to the game, need to kill some orcs!