So, where was I, ah yes...

I stopped blogging because it was too difficult; it isn't really all that hard, but attempting to coordinate the inspiration with the willingness to sit and write and my outside life, just wasn't happening. It's like replying to email from friends, it should be fairly straightforward but is actually rather difficult to manage (well, for me anyway).

But I'm here now and want to make an effort, I have stuff to say, and it doesn't really bother me that no-one is listening because it just feels good to talk :)

I'd like to take my blog in a different direction and hopefully give it a bit more focus, so I'm going to be posting about gaming and technology, and the way that our lives are being altered and augmented by these forces of nature.

So, technology.

I have an Apple iPhone, apologies to grammar sticklers but that's the way you capitalise it, I've had it about three weeks now and it's the real reason I'm blogging again. You see it's easy... and that is why it will succeed. I'm sat in the bath typing this, OK, a little more information than you wanted, or needed, to know, but I was laid here and I thought "I could do a bit of my blog" and so I picked up my iPhone and started to type. Now you're forgiven for scoffing and thinking that I'm easily impressed because a myriad of devices would allow me to blog from my warm watery resting place, but none of them would let me do it this easily. That's it, that's the iPhone, easy, Steve you have my consent to drop all marketing and replace it with a picture of the phone and the word "easy".

Everything about the iPhone follows the same philosophy, the interface is so simple it's almost underwhelming, and so the applications shine through, primarily the Internet, It's just a joy to use. Did you know that the iPhone already has 0.09% of the overall Internet browser market, in less than a year. Microsoft have been fighting for ten years to achieve 0.03% with their windows mobile range!

I feel that easy is going to become the cornerstone of the user experience over the next few decades, look at the runaway success of the Wii, why? Because it's easy, the nintendo DS, the Ipod, casual gaming. We are entering the swinging 60s of technology, cheap, easy, even free.

It's going to be fun.