Why i Pad

I feel there are some fundamental misconceptions around the iPad, and many people who still don't understand the device. So I thought I'd talk a little about why I use the iPad and what it has meant to my life, both in business and outside of it.

The single most important feature of the iPad is it's ease of access, not ease of use, but access... The iPad is comparable to a phone, rather than a laptop, it takes seconds to power on, is incredibly light, has 10 hours of battery.

I carry my iPad with me everywhere, literally.

In the morning I wake and take it from my bedside table and check my Facebook, twitter, email etc. It's in my hand when I walk to work, and if I am asked, like I was last week, for directions to somewhere I'm not sure of, I flip back the cover, tap the map app, and present the astounded person I'm helping out with a gps located map...

A work it sits at my desk, sometimes I don't turn on my PC in the morning if email is the order of the day, in meetings it sits on my lap whee I use the unrivalled "evernote" to keep notes and minutes.

On the train it's loaded with the podcasts and shows I watch, and also has the kindle app with the three books I currently have on the go ( including Malcom Gladwell's "what the dog saw" which is great)

If winding down in the pub with friends it sometimes doubles up as a table football game, or we play a multitude of other four player table top games.

Back home and it's the Internet on my lap while watching TV, my cookbook, cocktail aid at parties, and finally off to bed to finish off that book.

I learnt enough Turkish on it to impress the locals and gain their respect while on holiday (I'm sat writing this by the pool in Side, Turkey)

I blog from it, collate, edit and share all my photos from it, write music on it, make movies on it.... The list goes on, but it all comes back to the ease of access, it's not that it's easy to use, though it is, it's that it's easy to get to all those tools within seconds...