Hello there...

Hello there

My name is Rob Williams, and I had 6 hours and 56 minutes sleep last night...


This is actually about average for me, although 25 minutes is a long time to get to sleep... I normally get to sleep a bit faster than that, and I woke up late,  although that's probably due to the fact that I had a rather busy day yesterday.

You see we're rolling out new systems at work and I spent virtually the entire day glued to my screen. In fact I skipped lunch, and spent over 10 hours working...


The least productive thing I did was spending 10 seconds browsing linkedin... lol, I need to take more breaks! But at least my day was quite productive!

And the fact that I was glued to a screen didn't mean I didn't get much exercise, I still managed to rack up 10,6890 steps and walk up 21 floors worth of stairs in the day….


Not the most exercise I've had in a day, but not bad considering I was at my desk for most of it, I average around 6000 steps on an deskbound day, so I'm quite happy with that. Still need to beat my higest ever day, 18,000 steps... my feet hurt after that one :)

I think an added bonus to my daily step count was the fact that I went out for food in the evening, usually, once I'm home my activity falls to zero, but not this night!


And this particular night it appears I took the long way home...

I'd like to say this was on purpose, but it's not until you actually analyse where you've been going that you start to realise some of the routines you have are actually quite inefficient :)

I think I'll revisit my route home the next time I'm there!

Anyway, the food was great, I have the same thing every time, since I discovered it almost a year ago!, so nice!


In fact three or four people have fallen in love with the dish since I posted it up :) 

So all in all I had a good day, Slept well, productive day at work, nice meal, and a walk. Not the healthiest day of the last month, but in the top 50% rather than the bottom 25%.

To be fair these last few months have been a little tough. I've got lot's on at work so I'm getting less exercise and have put on a bit of weight...


But I certainly shouldn't be too hard on myself, I mean, compared to a few years ago, I'm still doing really well :)


And my blood pressure is really good at the moment :)


In fact, I feel quite happy with myself, must remember to log that...

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