Mourning the loss of Apple

Since the launch of the first iPhone I've been undergoing a steady switch across to the Apple platform. I now have an iPhone 5, an iPad, a MacBook, an AppleTV and an iMac, that must be Bingo! A complete change from my Windows life years ago...

However I've always maintained I'm not an apple fanboy. Whenever anyone has asked me how that can be true with all the devices I own I've simply said I use the stuff that works, and that's the best in breed.

Until this, or maybe last year I would have agreed with that statement, It was simply true, Apple was best in breed. But it's becoming less and less so. Now more and more every day I'm beginning to wonder whether it's time to make true with my motto and switch to a different path

I've had a epiphany in recent years, and have realised that Apple have a major, perhaps insurmountable issue.

They don't have enough of your data. 

When you want to start truly using personal technology, they just don't know what you want to do. Apple know what you listen to, Microsoft know what applications you use. But that's it

Google however know everything about you.

Scary though that may be, they know what you like, they know what you read, they know what films and videos you watch, they know which products you buy, where you live, who your friends are, where you visit, what holidays you have... they know everything.

And because they know where you live they know what the weather is like at home, they know where the nearest train station or the nearest pizza shop is, they know which kind of food you like, and where your nearest takeout is.

And in a world of mobile computing, in a world where wearable, personal, personalised technologies are becoming the norm, that's worth millions, billions even. Data is all that matters. I want my device to be smarter, I want to my device to understand more about me, and unfortunately Apple can never get there because they don't own the data.

An ideal technology platform would be one that was built by Apple, with software and hardware designed by apple, but with data, logic and concepts provide by Google. 

Unfortunately that will never happen, and as the recent breakups over things like Google Maps have shown, Google are going there own way, and Apple are going theirs.

And Goopple sounded so promising!

It used to be that the hardware and the UI design on non Apple projects was so lacking that this crippling disadvantage was not a concern, but now, with each iteration of Android, and with each new Samsung phone, the UI and Hardware gap is virtually gone, and the differences in underlying data are becoming painfully clear. The recent release of Google Now highlights what that data can do in practical, real terms.

And Apple isn't helping, their walled garden OS, while nice and stable and secure, prohibits companies like Google from embedding that juicy functionality directly into the core features of the platform...

And so as I walk to work, dictating this blog by Siri into my iPhone five I'm already mourning the loss of apple, or celebrating more openness between the two companies and the day apple produce an android phone...

Either way my next phone / tablet may not bear the fruit I'd become so attached to.