on Experience

There's an interesting shift happening at the moment, away from product and towards experience.

I first noticed it with Apple, their products / packaging / setup / service / support all promote this radically different experience that defines and distinguishes them from the competition.

Technically, nowadays, the Apple iPhone is on a par with the Google Nexus in terms of functionality, but the experience of buying an iPhone from an Apple store, unpacking, setting it up, and using it, is a million miles apart from the Nexus.

Apple don't make products, they craft experiences

There's a new restaurant n Nottingham, it's a giant 25,000 square foot, buffet place. I went there last night with my folks, we were talking about the food being nice and my mum commented  "yes the food's nice, but the experience has been amazing" to which my dad said "It's worth coming to Nottingham just for this" (they live in Norfolk).

and recently I was at a ticketing conference where the talk focussed around moving away from selling "events" and towards "experiences" 

It's happening all over... Keep an eye out for the phrase...