I am not an Apple...

Nor am I a Window, or an Android, or a FaceBook...

...I am certainly not Uber, or LinkedIn, and I am not Epicurious.

I am Rob.

Yet nowadays, more than ever, we are defined by our OS choice.

Back in the early 2000's through to about 2025, OS choice only impacted our tools; our phones, laptops & tablets... and even then I was labelled an Apple guy.

Here in 2050 your OS choice defines you as a person; your skills, and physical abilities, and I'm finding that challenging...

If you want a successful career, you have to run the latest version of LIOS, LinkedIn have completely dominated that market, and interfacing for a job on any other OS is seen as a joke in all senior roles, even if that senior role is managing your local McTucky.

Social Climber, and not too stressed about your career? Facebook is your OS, end of story. 

Which one are you?

Which one are you?

Want a bit of everything, pick one of the "Generics", and yes, I've always run Apple myself.

But my challenge isn't just about choosing the right OS for my goals, it's about the way that that OS choice then defines what we are good at, across the board, our OS choice defines our skills, our physical attributes, affects our attitude, it has become an integral part of who we are.

Of course, we should have seen it coming, even back in the early 2000s our productivity was defined in part by the hardware and OS we used on our phones and Laptops, I remember working in an office for years with old, slow PCs and small screens, the day we upgraded to the latest PCs and larger screens, the productivity in the office increased to such an extent that we could have afforded to lose a person... the limiting factor in that office was not the people, it was the technology.

Less common was the idea that people's productivity at work was impacted by their personal technology choices, but it was... A tech savvy employee with a high powered laptop and smart phone of their own, and a talent for using Google and online forums was a far better bet for pretty much any Job...

...and people genuinely did take this into account in interviews, even back then.

Now this has been exaggerated one hundred fold. If you're running the latest Apple OS and have the latest implants, you can see further, hear more, think faster, store more memories and routines. Right now you are genuinley more capable than your Android colleagues, until Android release their new updates next week...

It's now the case that the hardware and software you're running accounts for about 80% of your chance of getting a job.

Would you marry an android?

Would you marry an android?


But it's not just jobs, I've noticed more and more relationships and friendships are same OS... One of my closest friends runs Android, and it's becoming increasingly difficult for us to maintain our friendship, or at least it's far far easier for me to stay in touch and integrated into my circle of Apple friends.

And opinions are becoming more polarised, the Apple haters are as passionate as the Android haters, some saying cross OS relationships are wrong...

Of course they are in the vast minority, and the 10 major OS providers are making great strides towards standards and a unified communications platform.

Still, whenever I get asked what OS I run, I always answer "Rob OS".

My OS doesn't define me,

I do.

How about you?