Pokemon Stop

For a long time now, Augmented Reality has been established and embedded in western society as a force for good.

It's been 50 years since Pokemon Go made the concept of AR mainstream, then a year later, Microsoft showed us its true potential through HoloLens, finally, just 5 years later, Apple changed the face of the planet, literally, with the Apple Eye.

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The future is bright…the future is wearable!

Apple has finally announced it's new flagship iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, and their faithful sidekick, the Apple Watch.

The time is now rapidly approaching when our customers will be rocking up to gigs with their credit card on their wrist (in effect, everyone will be wearing a Disney “MagicBand”)

That cashless future people have been talking about is now just around the corner, and if you can buy a pint in the interval with your e-wallet , surely that's also where you'll be keeping your tickets?.

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Through the looking glass

I got my Glass last week, a clever piece of equipment that, after a few days of use, I feel has a place in our future. It's not ready yet, but it's well on the way.

It's part of the new wave of wearable technology that includes the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, the Narrative Clip, Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit fitness trackers, the Basis band, the autographer, etc. etc. SmartPhones, after a good 10 years as the Champion of consumer technology are starting their slide into obscurity. Wearables are the new kid on the block...

What I'd like to focus on here though is the knee jerk reaction that I'm seeing in the media. Specifically over the recording capability, a very small part of the overall functionality of the device.

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One *less* Click Ticketing

It’s very easy to underestimate ticketing and all it’s complexities.

Recently TicketMaster have been in the press a couple of times due to some unfortunate incidents around the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and the 2014 Commonwealth games...

It’s easy to play the blame game, (and tempting, as one of their competitors!) but rather than look at whether they are at fault, or whether I could have done better, I'd like to look at why ticketing isn't as simple as it first seems. and why the increasing complexity is bad for all of us.

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Are we the best we can be... (Part One)

In this post I'd like to propose a simple 6 stage model for the ticketing customer journey, and In a follow up post I'd like to use it to put forward a vision for the future of ticketing... simple ;)

So here is a simple six stage model for the ticketing Journey, let's call it "The rollercoster model" because being on it feels like being on a rollercoster.

My girlfriend tells me Nine Inch Nails are touring, she saw it on an email, and instantly I want to go. This is stage one... 

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Just the Ticket

The longer I work in the Ticketing industry the more I realise that we don't sell tickets...

I know people who get this, and people who don’t… but it’s easy to understand why some people don’t.

The box office is surely a place where tickets are sold, I know ticketing managers, and ticketing departments, I’ve been to hundreds of ticketing meetings, and a ticket conference or 12… and most agencies have the phrase ticket in their title somewhere… cough cough

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Mourning the loss of Apple

Since the launch of the first iPhone I've been undergoing a steady switch across to the Apple platform I have an iPhone and iPad a MacBook, an AppleTV, and an iMac, that must be Bingo! A complete change from my Windows life years ago...

However I've always maintained I'm not an apple fanboy. Whenever anyone has asked me how that's true with all the devices I own I've simply said I use the stuff that works, and that's the best in breed.

Until this, or maybe last year I would have agreed with that statement, It was simply true, Apple was best in breed. But it's becoming less and less so. Now more and more every day I'm beginning to wonder whether it's time to make true with my motto and switch to a different path.

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It's the end of the world as we know it...

I don't think people understand what's currently happening to us, to human interaction, to our current idea of society. It's very easy, and perhaps all a little too comfortable to percieve the changes happening within the online world, the world of so-called "Social Networking" and the mobile world, to be nothing more than a fad, a new distraction. Which means too few people realise that we're undergoing a fundamental shift, a transformation, a step change in the way our society manages itself.

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Cross Platform Persistence

Over the past few weeks I've been setting up and using iCloud, and it got me thinking about how great it's going to be when iOS game saves are stored in the cloud as standard, so I can be playing Hardlines or Jetpack Joyride on my iPad at home, and later be sat on a bus somewhere and pick up the game on my iPhone and carry on from where I left off, just like I do when reading books on my kindle app.

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