Hey there!

My name is Rob Williams and I'm the Vice President of Product Management at AudienceView, a global ticketing solutions provider.

I've worked in IT for around 20 years and have seen many many changes in both the IT Industry, the world of computing and the web.

I have a passion for technology and how it's having a profound impact on the way we live, work and play and am happy to voice my thoughts and ideas around the benefits, and disadvantages, that this new world brings with it. I'm an early adopter and tend to try and get involved in trials and betas of new platforms and products so usually have a feel for what's just around the corner, as well as my own ideas of what's on the horizon.

My blog gives me an opportunity to share a few of my tech ramblings, and hopefully you'll take at least a little away with you :)

Please contact me, I love a good discussion, and feel free to ask me anything.